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Celebrate AccessAbility

National AccessAbility Week (May 26 – June 1) is a time to celebrate inclusion and empower everyone to live a fulfilling life. However, many in our community struggle with chronic health conditions, impacting their independence and well-being. 

We know that evidence-based health management programs make a real difference for participants, building self-efficacy and creating social connections. But don’t take our word for it. Hear firsthand how access to specialized equipment empowers individuals with chronic conditions to live more active and independent lives in this powerful video. 

In celebration of National AccessAbility Week, a generous local family has pledged to match gifts to the Health Management Program dollar–for–dollar, up to a total of $2500! By donating today you’ll double your impact, empowering others to take charge of their well-being, live more actively, and age in place. 

Generous support is critical for keeping these programs running! Here's how your donation can make a real difference: 


  • Build connections: Our programs focus on overall health and foster social connections, creating a sense of community and belonging for those managing chronic conditions. 

  • Promote a more active lifestyle: We offer a variety of programs that prioritize overcoming barriers, making physical activity easier and building healthy habits for lifelong wellness. 

  • Support seamless transitions: Transitioning from healthcare settings or rehabilitation programs can feel overwhelming. We provide support during transitions to help people maintain their independence and stay engaged in lifelong exercise within the community. 

Your gift today will have double the impact and together we can build a stronger, healthier community where everyone thrives! 


The biggest take away for me was that I don’t have to get everything right immediately to better my health. Each small step I take in the right direction is a win! I learned to make small achievable goals that increase my activity, better my eating habits and increase my strength. I am much more conscious of my activity level each day. I am slowly increasing how much I am moving and feeling stronger because of it”


— Diabetes Fit participant 

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