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Financial Literacy

Teaching children and youth how to manage money and make well-informed financial decisions.

At the YMCA, we’re focused on providing opportunities for children and youth to develop as whole individuals. Finances can be hard, and the world of finance is always changing. We also know that Canadian youth are becoming consumers at younger ages. Not understanding of how finances operate can have long-term effects on their overall wellness (including financial health).

Financial Literacy Programming

The YMCA is proud to introduce Financial Literacy Programming, sponsored by Manulife. Through financial literacy programming, children and youth will learn how to manage their money and make well-informed financial decisions, both today and in their future. From understanding the terms of a student loan or the actual cost of a new cell phone contract, participants will experience first-hand the impact of effective, daily financial management in achieving long-term goals.

Thanks to the generosity of Manulife, we are currently offering financial literacy programming that is:

  • Fun — rooted in engaging and relevant topics

  • Targeted — featuring specific activities to meet each age group’s developmental needs

  • Progressive — structured to enable participants to “step up” as they develop and grow

  • Responsive — geared to accommodate individual interests and changing nature of finance

Register your youth today!

For more information, please contact the Financial Literacy Program Lead.

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