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Child Care Programs

From Infant to School Age, we're here for your family.

Thank you for considering YMCA of Three Rivers Child Care for your family. We look forward to welcoming your child into one of our fully-licensed centres.

Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Programs 


The YMCA of Three Rivers provides full-time licensed child care in our communities (Guelph-Wellington, Stratford-Perth, and Waterloo Region) for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Your children will be welcomed by Registered Early Childhood Educators. Our educators create open and inclusive environments that ensure children discover learning through positive play. We offer full-time and part-time care for:


Infants: ages 3 to 18 months


Your child will be provided a secure, loving, and stimulating environment. Our educators foster their social, emotional, and physical development through active exploration, sensory, and musical activities. Infants enjoy outdoor experiences through outdoor play and/or community walks.


Toddlers: ages 18 months to 2.5 years


Your toddler will be encouraged to actively explore their environment with a hands-on approach that stimulates natural learning. Through continued social, emotional, and physical development, rooted in play, your toddler will learn and grow in community. Toddlers will enjoy outdoor play experiences in mornings and afternoons daily.


Preschool: ages 2.5 to 5 years


Your child will have opportunities to explore and learn based on their natural desire to try new things as they become more self-reliant. Preschoolers will also learn how to engage and get along with their peers through play-based activities. Twice daily (mornings and afternoons), your child will enjoy outdoor experiences through play.


Playing to Learn


Critical learning takes place in the first six years of a child’s life. Our YMCA Playing to Learn is a national, play-based curriculum that helps your child discover learning through creative play. This curriculum has been developed with your child’s best interests in mind, with a goal to establish your child’s continued enthusiasm and capacity for life-long learning. Playing to Learn combines decades of experience in child care delivery and incorporates the latest knowledge on how the brain develops and how children learn. Our curriculum also aligns with primary school benchmarks. You can learn more about Playing to Learn here.

Kindergarten & School Age Programs

The YMCA of Three Rivers is proud to work in partnership with our community school boards to provide licensed Before and After School programming throughout the school year. Through these child care programs, children, aged 4 through 12, are welcomed into safe and nurturing environments that blend seamlessly with their school day. These programs also provide opportunities for children to form friendships outside of their classrooms.


Kindergarten: ages 4 – 5


Programs are dedicated to the unique social and developmental needs of JK/SK children. Delivered in local schools, our Before and After School programming supports children in building their confidence and independence in a school-like environment. Our play-based programming introduces children to their larger school buildings and spaces and facilitates interaction with school staff. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators encourage open-ended and exploratory opportunities that enhance children's focused, planned, and spontaneous activities, creating opportunities for learning and skill development unique to your child’s interest.


School Age Youth Development: ages 6 – 12

Our Before and After School programs have been designed to foster team building, leadership skills, strong values, and independence. These child-focused, play based programs provide school age children with opportunities for social interaction, creative experiences, and physical activity. Each program includes daily physical activity, nutritious snacks, opportunities to play and engage with peers, and the chance to complete any homework. All programs follow the Safe Schools Act.


A Place to Connect


All of our Before and After School (JK/SK and School Age) programs follow the national YMCA school-age curriculum, A Place to Connect. A Place to Connect is a living curriculum that views learning as a natural process that occurs through self-directed experience. A supportive environment and positive interactions with educators optimize your child’s learning. You can learn more about A Place to Connect here

Family Grouping: ages infant – 12 

Offered only at our Sprucedale location in Stratford-Perth, this unique program allows children of all ages to learn, grow, and explore together. Contact our Sprucedale location for more information.

Special Programs — PA Day, March Break, Winter Break & Summer Care Programming: ages 4 – 12


The YMCA of Three Rivers has a number of child care and day camp opportunities for families across our communities (Guelph-Wellington, Stratford-Perth, and Waterloo Region).

Current Program Offerings

  • Kindergarten Summer Care Request (Guelph-Wellington): Request Form


Summer Care
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