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Membership Information

At the Y, we’re here to help you take the first step to a healthier life. 

We know that getting healthy is about more than just working out and eating right. It’s a lifestyle — and one that can be hard to start. That’s why we have a variety of programs, services, and membership options tailored to help individuals of all ages get started on their health journey. 


We know that getting healthy is hard, and doing it alone is even harder. When you join the YMCA of Three Rivers, you’re not joining a gym, but becoming engaged in a community.  


When you’re ready, we’re excited to see you! 


Program Schedule

We offer a variety of programs geared to help people of all levels of fitness and ability achieve their health and wellness goals.  


Membership Pricing and Fee Assistance

We’ve created membership options that allow you to tailor your Y experience to help you get the most out of your membership.


Hours, and Contact Information

Learn more about our six Health and Wellness locations, as well as our operating hours and contact information for each location.


Member Portal

Our member portal is designed to make your experience of coming to the Y as seamless as possible. We recommend bookmarking this for ease of future access. 


Policies and Etiquette

At the YMCA of Three Rivers, we’re committed to fostering safe, welcoming, inclusive, and supportive spaces for all. 

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