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Global Initiatives

See how the YMCA is empowering youth, addressing issues, and changing communities around the world.

The YMCA of Three Rivers is part of a global movement of YMCAs in more than 125 countries. Through this network, we raise awareness about global issues and collaborate and partner with YMCAs in other countries.


YMCA Global Initiatives help inspire all Canadians to broaden their perspectives, build their community connections and leadership skills, and actively engage in strengthening their communities, both locally and worldwide through the global YMCA network.

Visit the YMCA Canada Partnership Map.

Overseas Partnerships

YMCA Overseas Partnerships support community development projects, share resources, tools and expertise while learning about issues that affect us all.


Our Current Partnership Work​​


The YMCA of Three Rivers together with the YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford partners with the YMCA of Zambia national office.

Current work includes a Peer-to-Peer Education Project in the communities of Ndola and Livingstone. As part of their own education and leadership development, young people volunteer to educate citizens on HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and early pregnancy.

Our Partnership History​


Since 1922, we have been involved in work internationally.​


Between 1969-2013, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) made funds available for overseas work. In 1971 CIDA provided additional funds for global education locally. This funding allowed YMCAs to enhance their work locally and overseas. Over the years we have partnered with the following YMCAs:​


  • Uganda YMCA

  • Gaza Refugee Program

  • Antigua YMCA

  • Peru Project

  • Paisley Scotland YMCA

  • Wuhan YMCA

  • Poland YMCA

  • Leon Mexico YMCA

  • Zimbabwe YMCA

  • Zambia YMCA​


YMCA Peace Week​


For over 30 years, YMCA Peace Week has offered activities that help children, youth and adults explore peace from personal, community and global perspectives.

YMCA Peace Week asks people to: Build community. Act for peace. When people act for peace, they build community by promoting a sense of belonging, fostering empathy, embracing pluralism and addressing the social determinants of health.

In recognition of the YMCA's commitment to Act for Peace, YMCA Peace Medals are given to local individuals or groups who are promoting peaceful solutions to violence, conflict, discrimination and injustice. Through their actions, nominees have had a significant impact on the lives of others, either locally or elsewhere in the world and they are strengthening our communities. Our YMCA has a long history of presenting this award to deserving individuals. If you know someone who demonstrates the values of this award, please contact us.

Peace-building is core to YMCA values and is part of our work year-round. YMCA Peace Week is a tool to educate Canadians about peace in all its dimensions.

The YMCA believes peace is more than the absence of violence and conflict. Peace is the ongoing work of building and rebuilding conditions of fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect for diversity.

Learn more about YMCA Canada Peace Week.

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