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Employment Tips

Interview, resume, and other employment tips.

The YMCA of Three Rivers Employment Services offers many resources to help you prepare for interviews, as well as resume and networking tips. We also connect you with additional helpful advice from the Ministry of Labour.

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Interview Tips 


Interviews can be scary. It’s very important to be prepared. Take a look at this collection of 35 questions (and suggested answers) to some of the most common (and not-so-common) interview questions: 35+ Interview Questions and Answers.


Phone interviews are commonly used to determine which candidates move forward in the interview process. They can also replace an in-person interview, so they are critical in determining whether or not you will be hired. Here are some important tips for phone interviews: How to handle a phone interview.


Asking thoughtful questions at the end of an interview can show a potential employer that you care, that you’re interested, and that you’re confident. Here is some advice on dealing with the end of an interview: What to say when asked, "Do you have any questions?"


Resume Tips 


You are ready to start a new job, but there is one big problem: no one is replying to your applications. This may be because you are not the right match for the positions you have applied for, or the problem could lie within your resume. If your resume is not producing results, it’s time to revise it. Here are some common reasons why your resume may not be as effective as it could be: Reasons why your resume is not getting results. 


How can your resume interest a potential employer enough to make them want to give it more than just a quick glance? Take a look at these four suggestions to help get your resume read: 4 tips to grab attention with your resume.


Networking Tips 


Are you considering attending a job fair? This helpful article tells you how to prepare, what to bring, and what to do when you are there to get the most out of your time: Tips for Attending a Job Fair.


Can you explain to someone in 30 seconds or less why you would be a great candidate? Check out this helpful article on crafting the perfect elevator speech: How to Craft Your Elevator Speech.


Sometimes knowing the right people can help open the next door for your career. Networking is very useful to tap into new opportunities in the job market. Here is a short article with some useful advice: Network Your Way into the Hidden Job Market.


Helpful Advice from the Ministry of Labour 


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