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Job Search Tips

A collection of helpful links and resources to aid in your job search.

From job listing websites to cover letter tips, our Employment Services Team has the information you need to find your next job.

Looking for job postings in Waterloo Region and the surrounding areas?

View our job board, maintained by our Employment Services Team.

View the Job Board.

Resume and Cover Letter Samples and Templates

Not sure how to craft a compelling resume or cover letter? Take a look at the samples and templates below. You can also view our Employment Tips page to learn more.

Job Search Websites

Check the websites of cities, municipalities, colleges, universities, and companies for job postings which may not be posted on the sites below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to get connected in a community and experience different places of work. See the links below for opportunities at our YMCA and the surrounding area.

Labour Market & Occupational Research

Listed below is a collection of links about labour market statistics as well as some helpful personality assessments.

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